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As the pace of professional-client interaction increases, there is a need to maintain accuracy and efficiency. While having a conversation over the phone is convenient, when discussing complex issues it’s far better to work through shared documents, such as tax returns, draft accounts and payroll reports, with the client to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.


The challenge

However, posting documents to clients for review is slow and expensive. Emailing documents is certainly quicker and cheaper, but there are significant security issues, especially when sending personal nformation. As the May 2018 GDPR deadline passes more and more accountants are using SecureSpace to securely exchange information with clients.

The solution

SecureSpace addresses these concerns and saves practice time, too. It’s an easy to use, cloud-based solution that enables firms to exchange documents with their clients in a secure environment. There is no software to install, run or maintain for you or your clients. Removing this IT overhead represents a significant saving of time and cost.

IT System Intergration

IT System Intergration reports generated by your in-house systems can be published to SecureSpace forclients to download and approve electronically. SecureSpace is not restricted: documents outside of SecureSpace can also be uploaded into SecureSpace by you and your clients for exchange and/or review.

e-Approval - accelerating the review and approval process

Your clients can approve any PDF document within minutes. Having received an alert indicating a document is awaiting their approval, they view and approve the document using their smartphone or laptop, whichever they prefer. You’ll then receive notification once the document has been approved. This ability to shorten the time it takes to gain client feedback and approval is invaluable, especially when deadlines are fast approaching.

e-Checklists - effortless collection of client information

Eliminate the slow and painful process of collecting relevant information from clients with Electronic Checklists that collect information seamlessly over the internet.

Transforming relationship

Where in the past it could take several weeks of document exchange before all the issues were resolved, SecureSpace enables a speed of interaction that transforms the firm-client relationship from a transactional one to a truly collaborative one. For example Accountants can send draft accounts, tax returns, financial statements and payroll reports to your clients and receive bank statements, payroll slips and trial balances in return. The system automatically notifies clients that there are documents awaiting their review and approval, so they can log in with their own username and password to download and review the items.

Supports your compliance with the Electronic Communications Act

With SecureSpace, documents are stored in a secure environment on the web. Clients have their own unique login, allowing them access only to their documents and no one else’s. Importantly, e-Approval also maintains a full audit trail. Document approval tracking keeps tabs on who has signed which documents, and a log of secure and tamperproof approved PDFs is kept. The whole process is compliant with the provisions oft he Electronic Communications Act and speeds up the collaboration process between accountant and clients.

Customisation - create your own branded client portal

Add your own logo and colour scheme so clients clicking through from your website have a great and consistent experience of your brand.

Workflow integration

SecureSpace fully integrates with your internal IT Systems: any document prepared can be published into SecureSpace as part of the normal workflow. SecureSpace Client Dashboards provides instant access to all files received from clients and jobs are automatically updated with the status of document approvals.

Ideally Suited To Your Business

Simple document management solution (DMS), SecureSpace accommodates your paper documents and digital data through automated organization, approvals, and sharing all from one dashboard. Effortless onboarding and integration with popular business software means you hit the ground running. Feel secure knowing you’re compliant and covered, with all of your data just a click away. No matter where you are, what your business demands, or the speed you scale SecureSpace has your back.

SecureSpace helps Accounting Professionals more than any other industry. That’s because Accountants are usually drowning in paperwork, client communication, filing, administration, handling sensitive data and chasing approvals.

SecureSpace optimises your information workflow. It streamlines your business processes, with detailed reporting to help you identify bottlenecks. Administration is significantly reduced, so your team can focus on value-adding.


SecureSpace helps Accounting Professionals more than any other industry. That’s because Accountants are usually drowning in paperwork, client communication, filing, administration, handling sensitive data and chasing approvals.


If you're looking for financial services document management software then consider SecureSpace. We are helping businesses like yours deliver results, and get an instant return on investment, both in time and money


Few industries have more data complexities than the legal industry. Good document management software centralises your data company-wide, and makes it easily accessible including Optical Character Recognition searches.


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A secure environment to handle your sensitive payroll data, reduce your administration and save you significant time. The future is here. Get an instant return on investment today - both in time and money .

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