How Secure Space Can Help Your Accounting Firm:

SecureSpace helps Accounting Professionals more than any other industry. That’s because Accountants are usually drowning in paperwork, client communication, filing, administration, handling sensitive data and chasing approvals.

Sound familiar? SecureSpace's document management software for accountants helps you manage your firm better than every before. You'll get an instant return on investment - in both money and time - with our Document Management Software and Client Portal.

We have so many tools to change the way your firm runs and that's why we believe we are the best document management software for accountants.

Next-Gen Paperless Office

Company-wide searches. Auto-file incoming emails. Team collaboration.

Better Client Communication

Total control, security & efficiency with your own branded online Client Portal.

Instant Productivity Visibility

Automate team workflows. Getreal-time productivity reports.

Security & Legal Protection

Prevent client lawsuits & government fines with privacy & security features.

Binding Digital Signatures

Significantly speed up customer approval turnaround time & document workflow.

Tools & Data Centralisation

Add-ins to Microsoft Office, connect your CRM & accounting systems.