How Secure Space Helps Lawyers, Attorneys And Legal Firms:

Few industries have more data complexities than the legal industry. Good document management software centralises your data company-wide, and makes it easily accessible including Optical Character Recognition searches, so you can find up the full job history of any matter in seconds, saving time, and improving customer service and accuracy. Administration is minimised with automatic filing and capture technology; workflows are automated and streamlined; team performance reports can be generated real-time to address bottlenecks; and your data is encrypted and secured with detailed permissions options (especially important with privacy legislation such as GDPR on the increase worldwide).

SecureSpace's Client Portal software also lets lawyers send encrypted files online to clients, and then see exactly who opens them with a full audit trail. The online Client Portal allows your clients to sign contracts with legally binding digital signatures to significantly reduce turnaround time. If you're looking at document management software for law firms, then consider SecureSpace because your business is only as good as its processes. For an instant return on investment, in both money and time, talk to us about SecureSpace today.

Next-Gen Paperless Office

Company-wide searches. Auto-file incoming emails. Team collaboration.

Better Client Communication

Total control, security & efficiency with your own branded online Client Portal.

Instant Productivity Visibility

Automate team workflows. Getreal-time productivity reports.

Security & Legal Protection

Prevent client lawsuits & government fines with privacy & security features.

Binding Digital Signatures

Significantly speed up customer approval turnaround time & document workflow.

Tools & Data Centralisation

Add-ins to Microsoft Office, connect your CRM & accounting systems.